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** Requierment for synthesis of PLGA NPs (Datasheet with PDF file)
   Contact us: info.nanoglia@gmail.com, visnu528@gmail.com

1.Send the materials which will be loaded into the PLGA NPs.
       Recommended at least amount of the materials
       siRNA, miRNA: 200 μl solution of 20 μM
       plasmid DNA:  100 μg
       CRISPR/Cas9: 10 - 20 mg (In case of Cas9 mRNA)

2.The size and zeta potential, verifying successful synthesis of PLGA NPs are provided without compensation.
3.To confirm the localization after injection in vivo, AAV-mCherry loaded PLGA NPs are provided without compensation.

Experimental Protocols

You can receive

10 vials each containing 2.5 mg PLGA nanoparticles

* The concentration of nanoparticles for  optimal using varies by application. The initial conditions suggested here are guidelines that may be modified based on the tissue or animal models.

1. Preparing solutions
    - Completely dissolve PLGA nanoparticles in 250 μl of autoclaved PBS  and mix immediately by vortex mixer. (Do not centrifuge) 
   - If PLGA nanoparticles are perfectly not dissolved, sonicate the sample in 30w for 15 s. This may induce the break of PLGA nanoparticles.
2. General Guidelines : Use working concentrations of 
0-200 μg/ml. 
3. Before use the sample, wait for at least 30s at room temperature (15-25℃) to sink unmelted PLGA nanoparticles
4. Use the upper lysate to applicate in vivo.

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