2020 Annual Meeting Korean Association of Anatomists
제 70회 대한해부학회 학술대회
2020년 10월 14일(수) - 16일(금)
강릉 세인트존스 호텔

Symposium VIII
Glia (Neuroscience)
2020. 10. 16 (금) (13:00-14:30)
GT1b functions as a novel endogenous agonist of toll-like
receptor 2 inducing neuropathic pain
Sung Jung Lee
Autoantibody against glial proteins in humans: implication
in autoimmune inflammatory disease of the central nervous system
Sung Min Kim
STAT3-Mediated Microglial Activation Exacerbates Huntington’s
Disease By Blocking The Shift From M1 To M2 Microglia
Ik-Hyun Cho
Nanotechnological strategies targeting glial cells
Dong Woon Kim

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